Construction Drawings: This All-important Map for Building Projects Starts With Sketches

Most people wouldn’t dream of traveling somewhere they’ve never been before without a map. Why? Because not having directions is the best way to get lost. The same is true in building. Construction drawings are the “map” homeowners and builders need to show the best route to where they’re going with a project. And anyone with a pencil, paper, and a dot of imagination can get a building idea rolling. Continue reading

Deck Design and Leisure Time: Designing and Building a Custom Deck That Works

Most sundecks beyond the simple BBQ deck included with many homes will be custom additions to an existing structure. And like most custom building projects, the more thought you put in, the better the result. This means your new sundeck doesn’t begin with the first nail, but instead, with the first pencil line made in your sketchbook. Continue reading