Before and After Pics

Nothing beats before and after photos to show progress.

The Laurabrook

We demolished the structure at left, but used much of the original building’s foundation for the redesigned build. See more of The Laurabrook…



The Jewel

See more of The Jewel to enjoy the subtle transformation of this home from summer fishing cabin to year-round slick digs.



The Oceanside

The original deck area was governed by a squirrel named Dougall. His reign likely continues amid ample bird feeders and frequent handouts. Have a look at The Oceanside building addition…



The Plateau

“Make a big, flat deck,” the homeowners said. The Plateau was a good idea on this hillside site where flat space must sometimes be created. The Plateau is a “hot-tubbed deckarooni” according to one observer.” See more…



The Quintessential Deck

Design, too, has a muse. She is called Makitbetter-eh. Have a look at this multi-level backyard deck from various perspectives, the one called “The Quintessential Deck”…



Border Fence

This otherwise tidy yard was made a bit scruffy by the hedge mix at left. We tried to capture some of the flavour of the vintage home in this border fence at right.



Shake Re-Roof

We removed three earlier-installed roof finishes and the shiplap base before placing 2″x3″straps to support a new cedar shake roof on this building. See more on this shake re-roof project…

“Swayback” Roof Fix

This 70+-year-old outbuilding was in a sorry state when we arrived, possibly months from collapse. We used three methods simultaneously to straighten the roof-peak deflection while making the long walls vertical again.

Once we got this old building up and running, we installed a shear wall to keep it in good shape for years to come

Stair Rebuild

Our client informed us these stairs were only about 7 years old, though they required a complete demo/rebuild.