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Misc 1 rzAmong Hunterstruct jobs are those that don’t fit as neatly into our categories featuring buildings, additions, renovations, sun decks and what not.

We’ve included two groups here, dividing our Miscellaneous section into Smaller Buildings and Varied Projects.

Some would agree that there are not big tasks, and there are not little tasks, there are only tasks.

The miscellaneous jobs in this section demonstrate the design/build skills at the core of Hunterstruct, a task-oriented designer/builder offering a  “one call for all” building service at work for homeowners — top to bottom, inside and out, and what have you.

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Misc 2 rzMinor structural changes to existing buildings such as the overhang at left can increase usable area and often even improve on the home’s original lines.

The overhang is part of a plan to level the garage area.

We’ve installed concrete stemwalls to retain the well-draining gravel base, leaving it prepped for a concrete slab installation and possible enclosure in the future.

In beginning this improvement we discovered substantial rot at the base of several involved columns, replacing these using the support of our newly-installed concrete retaining walls. Yes, sometimes building miracles happen, but don’t bank on them.

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wheelchair_ramp_1AThe wheelchair ramp and chair lift at right is a good example of Hunterstruct’s varied design/build skills.

Beginning from design, wood ramps rarely fit well into their surroundings, and lack also, the durability over time needed when a structure must bear directly on potentially moist terra firma.

A better solution takes into account the need for ease of use and good looks in combination with a minimal-maintenance design.

This reinforced concrete ramp and its aluminum rails will provide years of safe, reliable, low maintenance elevator access.

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Functional & Attractive — What Sound Building Is All About!

Misc 4 rz

Speaking of reliable access to home and property, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on exterior stairs as they age. They might work for daily traffic, but fail under the weight of a pair of people and a refrigerator.

This rebuild at left improves the original design by simplifying the stair’s lines while beefing it up structurally. It features also an interesting tread profile to further increase visual appeal.

Because stairs are naturally a high-traffic area, all wood used has been hand selected to ensure structural integrity.

The wood is kiln dried prior to millwork to create the ideal conditions for maximum paint adhesion in exterior conditions.

An ongoing project, most of this stair work will be retained despite the dramatic upcoming changes to this home and yard. Stay tuned!

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