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Fences IFences are a good way to define the boundaries of your property, usually serving also to keep things either in, out or both. That’s a good staring point, anyway. It asks, What do you want from your fence?

Sometimes, as is the case with the “stile and rail” fence pictured at right, a fence may be added largely for esthetic appeal,  serving no practical purpose at all, except, perhaps, as something to lean on.

Although pre-built factory panels are a common method, the possibilities for variety are almost endless. If a one-of-a-kind look is needed, custom wood fencing is often the way to go due to its ease of fabrication relative to other fencing methods.

However fancy the fence envisioned, and regardless of custom or factory work, there should be allowance for some customisation at driveway and other access points to create special, though often quite simply-rendered features that will look good and help set off other appealing elements of a property. Fence Gallery

If you’re having these kinds of thoughts about your property’s fencing, we just might be your fence company. And there’s nothing like knowing a knowledgeable fencing contractor to help in making choices among the many fencing options available. Now you do!.

Fencing Facts: A Fence In Good Standing…

border_fence_after_page_picIf there is a single criterion crucial to the task of fencing, it is the need to ensure the fence is well founded.

As is the case with any tall, thin structure, the forces of nature such as wind, frost and insects work tirelessly to undermine your fence’s stability.

Fortunately, there are many ways to counter the effects of nature. As a good wood fencing installer knows, the first is ensuring posts are deeply embedded in the earth, preferably in a solid concrete base. The material choice for the post stock of wood fencing is usually either red cedar or the less expensive treated post. Other woods are suitable for post stock, but are usually cost prohibitive, depending on region. Fence Gallery

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Under average conditions, a good post should last about twenty years. Well set in the ground, durable posts should support their attached fence in-fills against almost all normal weather and wear. A simple experiment proves the value of well-set posts: push a pencil into the earth just slightly past its point, and Fences 3 rzyou can push it over easily. But, embed the pencil to half its length, and you will probably break it with the next swift push.

Setting posts to a minimum depth of 18 inches performs another function: it prevents what is known as “frost heave” – a situation in which water surrounding post bases freezes, then expands, distorting a fence’s originally straight lines over time. In general, the taller the fence, the deeper its posts are embedded.

Setting posts in concrete also stabilizes fencing, first, by countering the weight of the fence above with its mass, and second, by separating the wooden post base from destructive soil bacteria.

Assuming an untreated post has been chosen, a deluxe treatment is to use a wood preservative on the post base prior to setting it in its concrete wrap, ideally soaking posts in wood preservative. This will further increase the life of posts, and subsequently, the fence they support. Attention to these fine points of wood fence building will not only make your fencing last longer, but will also find it looking great long after installation, keeping this investment in your property in good standing for many years — whatever you want your fence to do. Fence Gallery

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