Feature Work II – The Plateau

A Deck Fit For A Mountain…

plateau-page-1-largeOur second feature work is yet another sundeck project we affectionately call “The Plateau,” a giant of a sundeck designed to provide a vast, easily used “plateau” amid the perilously steep slope of its BC Interior setting.

Some buildings look as if they have always been there, and with some finishing landscaping and a few plantings, this deck will certainly be one of these.

Its ground-level sheltered area and sunken hot tub are among The Plateau’s many features, all intended to promote the feeling of ease and relaxation we expect from time spent pursuing leisure.

Like all Hunterstruct sundeck designs, The Plateau is intended to integrate the comfortable confines of a home’s interior with the joys of the outdoors. With this thought at the forefront during design, a deck becomes a kind of threshold area linking not only interior and exterior spaces, but also in a sense, the wilds of nature with the order of civilisation. A well designed deck offers its user the pleasures of both. And like The Plateau, a soundly planned, nicely built deck will be around a long time, providing users with years of comfort in style. Plateau Gallery

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Hunterstruct deck designs ensure that various features of an overall building project are reiterated.

This tried and true design approach focuses greatly on blending the many elements of a new structure into a cohesive whole, while ensuring these features are tied to existing elements of a home and property.

The Plateau’s use of 45 degree angles is a very good example of how details can be used to suggest or create continuity in a project. Plateau Gallery

Though prominent in its railing and overall shape, these angles are subtly echoed thoughout the deck plan including in its access steps. But these pleasing angles offer more than their obvious esthetic and practical value; they are also relaxing to view in much the same way that a circular shape offers a pleasant fluidity when compared to the often jarring effect of sharply made right angles. Take a brief “video walk” on The Plateau to view this feature. Plateau Detail GalleryStructural Detail Gallery

Attention To Detail Is Good!

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Another example of site unity is found in this deck’s new covered area.

A feature of many Hunterstruct decks, The Plateau’s roofed section matches the existing building’s original dormer pitch, helping link home and deck together both visually and physically.

The roof is finished with a durable, baked enamel metal identical to the home’s original roof finish.

The underside of this roof is dressed with finish-quality white pine to maintain the project’s prevalent wood theme, to increase light reflection on darker days, and to match the home’s original interior ceiling finish. The underside height of this roof is about eleven feet at peak and a comfortable seven feet at the eave. All roof infra-structure is left open to show all wood to maximum effect. Speaking of wood, we source and handpick wood stock from local mills and sawyers whenever possible. The extra effort always pays off. Plateau Gallery

Featurework II Pic 4 rzRoofed areas in deck plans are a great idea.

They not only offer shelter in less than perfect weather, enabling more opportunities for deck use, but they also extend the sundeck season to make more of leisure time year round.

This sort of one-of-a-kind space offers also many opportunities for other custom features as The Plateau’s tiled patio shows. The stone-hewn tile used here is a particularly good finish choice as it remains durable at ground level despite occasionally moist conditions. Plateau Gallery

As well, the naturally-derived nature of tile guarantees that it will work well visually with other natural materials such as the wood used extensively throughout this build. Speaking of wood, we source and hand-select wood stock from local mills and sawyers whenever possible. Plateau Detail GalleryStructural Detail Gallery

Hunterstruct — We’re Helping Make Decks Be All They Can Be

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Why Choose Hunterstruct To Help Improve Your Home And Property ?

Here’s the pitch: The Plateau is a good example of Hunterstruct’s One-Call-For-All building service at work.

Sure, we’re committed deck designers and builders.

But more, the skills shown in The Plateau’s timber-frame patio roof; in its solid, well-planned structural elements; and in its innovative railing and gate detailing demonstrate the consideration of lines, shapes and textures crucial in other of our design/build areas such as additions, renovations, and home construction. That’s bankable quality, and it’s found in every Hunterstruct project! Plateau Gallery | Plateau Detail Gallery | Structural Detail Gallery

So whatever hat we’re wearing on a job, each is an opportunity to do what we’re best at: Making homes and properties look great, work well, and stand the rigours of time.

Take a brief “video walk” on “The Plateau,” and contact Hunterstruct today to discuss your design/build needs.

Hunterstruct’s “One Call For All” design, build, renovation, repair service is available in BC’s Lower Mainland, the BC Interior, and the Sunshine Coast of BC. We travel to build!