Hunterstruct Brochure

Print Your Own 2019 Hunterstruct Colour Brochure…

Use the link below to print our Hunterstruct 2019 Brochure for yourself, friends and family. View the sample below. It shows what you’ll be printing, a two page colour brochure having two folds. To fold after printing, fold page one’s right edge over to the middle of the first (of two) vertical space and crease it. Then, bring this first crease under, lining it up with the left edge of page one. Crease.

As this brochure is a PDF document, your computer should make printing it a breeze. As a hint, choose to print page one only, then re-insert the paper as appropriate to print page two on the blank side. Fold.

Use This Link To Begin Printing:

BrochurePage 29 Oct v3.8

Below is a sample only to show what you’ll print. Don’t print this sample as it is too small at 800 x 618 pixels. Use the link above (BrochurePage 29 Oct v3.8) to print our full size 2016 brochure measuring 8.5 x 11 inches (216 x 279 mm) on both sides of a standard size sheet of paper.

Brochure Page 1 rz

Brochure Page 2 rz