About Us

When we sat down to write our “About Us” page, we started with how we never cut corners in our work. Ken pointed out that the only place we cut corners is on our business cards, and what a good idea that is to tell people. Mark pointed out how some companies cut so many corners, their business cards are round.

Within moments, Andy pointed out how we were already way off track in telling people “about us,” a point seconded by Manny. Clearly, our focus had immediately degenerated into a discussion of quality, and how important that is to our clients.

“Focus…focus, people!,” Andy demanded, “Who are we?”

Mark (Chief Carpenter) reminded of our commitment to quality materials, and Manny (Apprentice Carpenter) agreed. Mark went on to propose how often people pay for work that doesn’t measure up. Ken (Designer) mentioned how the ill-informed buyer pays for the work, now or later—a reference to how poor work might look alright at first, but will need attention sooner than later. “Ya gets what ya pays for,” chimes Manny. By now, Andy (Accountant/Handyman) has thrown his hands in the air; it is clear little forward direction in encapsulating Hunterstruct’s people is making About Us content.

Obviously off track but furthering Manny’s comment, Ken suggests how this leads to hassles all around, unnecessary stress for those unfortunate customers of some companies, at which points Mark imagines for our benefit some poor character who has had a stroke or heart attack due to the stress and hassle of hiring the wrong outfit. Andy goes to get himself a tea, and Manny goes with him thinking there might be a doughnut left alone on the counter. Mark envisions a prolonged illness, and together they see poor Mr. Joe Paid-Too-Little’s tombstone which reads after editing, “Succumbed to Prolonged Illness Due to Poor Contractor Choice,” but which in fact says, “Sukumbed to stres-indoosed Illnes Do to pore Kontrakter Choycez,” and the edges of the engraving are heavily chipped making the epitaph difficult to read.

Andy and Manny return chuckling, and Mark reads what we have so far. You just read it.

Sure we didn’t get our About Us page written up, and didn’t even work in our slogan, “We Make Practical Attractive,” or the unofficial one, “Great Work for a Fair Buck.” Heck, we haven’t really said anything about us at all.

Ken points out that though we didn’t get our About Us page written, we did stay focused on one thing: the quality of the work, and how important it is to get it right the first time, for a long time.

“Yeah! That’s it,” we agreed, “Quality is Us, and Us is Hunterstruct.” 

Maybe we got our About Us page together after all?

(No “Mr. Joe Paid-Too-Little[s]” were harmed in the writing of this About Us page.)

(We make Practical Attractive.)